This is my personal website with various information about my self and anythings that I am interested at. It is a really great honour for me that all of you can visit this website. I use this website to accommodate all of my ideas, so that you can get any perspectives about me. You can find more information about me by selecting various link in this page.

My name is Eko Harsono, I was born in Surabaya. People usually call me Eko. I am a learner and I learn anything that I think interesting. I do not limit my interest in small box that call engineering. Have a passion in education and social entrepreneurship. Loves reading, writing, sharing and traveling. At the moment, I also do learn and various related activities in community development. Have a big dream to have a community development center in education, entrepreneurship & creativity, economic and technology.

Please continue to comment as I will continue to post and let me know to drop your suggest to eko.harsononus@gmail.com

Welcome to  my  website and  happy reading…


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hallo Assalamu alaikum Mas Eko,
    bagus sekali forum diskusinya utk sharing ilmu dan pengetahuan, insya allah makin banyak lagi anak bangsa yg sudi utk berbagi untuk kemajuan indonesia yg lebih baik kedepan nya.
    Maju terus dan sukses selalu utk kita semua.

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