That’s the Objective of Education

Pitoyo Hartono
Professor at Chukyo University

15 Okt 2016

A young student asked me, “why do I have to study?”
My answer: you don’t have to study if you don’t want to, but consider your opportunity to study as a privilege to earn a ticket to be a free person.

Long time ago I wrote this small note to my students:
One of the big goals of education is to enable you to become a free person. Free to pursue your dreams and aspirations, free to design your life, free to choose occupations that you enjoy. But, as any other meaningful things, freedom comes with heavy costs, namely skills. Real world is really tough and doesn’t really care about you. If you don’t have good skills and do whatever you like to do really good, you will never be a free person. Someone else with better skills will do it, and there will be nothing left for you to do. You will have to surrender your freedom, because your aspirations are surpassed by other persons’ skills, and thus realities.

Education is an opportunity for investing in your skills. Consider it as a luxury. Sometimes it can really be hard and painful, but you have to pay the price. There is no short cut. It is always easy to just stop, but remember, this kind of luxury usually does not appear twice. Cherish every new thing you learned, as it will bring you closer to your freedom. Question yourself when you don’t learn a new thing in a single day you spend in university as you have wasted a luxury.


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