Don’t complain , About anything , Not even to yourself : Lesson Learned

Jusman Syafii Djamal

“Somewhere in ancient India, there was a king whose feet were very sensitive. He complained constantly about the kingdom’s roads, which were rough and rocky.

Finally, the king decided he would have all the roads covered with leather, so that he could walk on leather anywhere he wanted to go and his feet would be comfortable.

He invited the best craftsmen in the land to bid on this formidable project. One replied, “I can do the job, but it will cost all that is in the kingdom’s treasury.” Another said, “I can cover the roads with leather for half of what is in the treasury.”

Then an old woman came to the king and said, “I can do the job for ten rupees. I’ll just strap a piece of leather under each of your feet, and you’ll be walking on leather wherever you go.”

“Complaining, wanting all the conditions to be just the way we’d like them, doesn’t get us anywhere. In fact, we’re just distracting ourselves from the task at hand. Instead of complaining, recognize that everyone has to play the same course.

Sure, there are times in playing golf or other games , when the morning groups have bad weather and it clears for the player teeing off in the afternoon, or vice versa. So what?

Golf and life aren’t fair on a day-to-day basis. But those good and bad breaks even out over the long run.

Learn to play a variety of conditions. Adapt yourself and your state of mind to whatever you encounter. Cover your feet with leather, and you’ll be walking comfortably no matter how rough the road.”

“In 1899, an advertisement in the Times proclaimed:
ELECTRICITY lights our city.
ELECTRICITY runs our street cars.
ELECTRICITY causes wagons without horses to go.
ELECTRICITY permits us to talk great distances.
ELECTRICITY will do our cooking and heating.
ELECTRICITY will soon do everything.”
Excerpt From: Thomas F. O’Boyle. “At Any Cost.”

Tahun 2016, Puasa Ramadhan, disalah satu stasiun TV ada tayangan giliran mati lampu di Kota Kisaran Sumatera Utara selama tiga jam, sehingga orang makan sahur diterangi lampu center diatas kepala. Perlu waktu 117 Tahun lebih agar seluruh Indonesia bisa menikmati listrik dikala diperlukan…. a Long Way to go ?

Ösel Tendzin , the teacher of Joseph Parent a writer of a book called Zen Golf, have a very powerful message and instruction about complaining. It has three parts:

“Don’t complain , About anything , Not even to yourself.”

Excerpt From: Joseph Parent. “Zen Golf.”


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