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Should you go to graduate school? Yes. Maybe. Definitely not


Graduate school is pricey. Very pricey. But with the dearth of data coming from schools on how their students perform financially after graduating, it can be nearly impossible to figure out whether taking thousands of dollars in loans or eviscerating your savings account will actually pay off.

To figure out which graduate school degrees tend to boost a student’s lifetime earnings, in relation to their undergraduate field of study, online lender Social Finance, or SoFi, crunched data included in 200,000 applications from people who tried to refinance their student loans through its website over the past year.

You can try out your own combinations here:

[qz-interactive url=”http://data.qz.com/2015/grad-school-earnings” desktop_height=”539″ tablet_height=”500″ mobile_height=”400″ size=”medium”]

SoFi, which has doled out more than $3 billion in loans since launching in 2011, found that in all but four combinations, a graduate degree leads to a bump in median lifetime earnings compared to having just a bachelor’s degree.

The glaring exception: People who got…

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